A few days before, I visited to Passport office for collecting my passport. I saw a big crowd of people over there, including male, female, young and old. I presumed that many of them were going abroad for a job because of the unavailability of job in their motherland. I also met with some young people who had indented to go out of the country.

It is said that country is like a mother, who cares her child, who protects from bad and gives identity for looking different among all others. A person may be known by his country. It is natural, when one tells about the country the second one guesses how good or bad is he. It shows that one can be judged by his nationality. A Passport is one of those licenses which can identify you before someone else in the world.

However; when I collected my Green Passport and opened it for seeing inside, my eyes became wet with tears shedding. I kissed it and thought for a while that today I got a permit to go abroad and to represent my country in the world. I felt proud to have it.

But besides the facts, this green passport is used wrongly in the world by some of the disloyal people. They just use it for their own benefit rather than for country’s dignity. This is why the green passport has become suspected to foreigners. Furthermore; they are being considered as terrorists. They are treated as animals.

The question is why it is so and who is responsible for it? The answer is, the government of Pakistan is liable for it. Because the government has embassies and foreign offices for overseas Pakistanis but they are not asking about their nationals. They are like silent spectators, just watching overseas Pakistanis are treating severely by foreign countries according to their so-called overseas laws. We have the example of Saudi Arabia, where the Pakistanis labors have been deprived of their salaries for a year.

It should be the first priority of Pakistanis, working abroad that keep care of their country’s dignity. They should do such an act which affects their country badly. They should earn a good name for their beloved country. The Foreign office of Pakistan should also take care of her overseas Pakistanis.


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